About The Book is Better Book Club

We love books. We love movies. We love books that have been made into movies. For many years we believed the Book was ALWAYS better, but lately we have conceded to some very well done movies and TV adaptations. Please join us as we decide if the book OR the movie is better.

About Us


Books have been Erica's friends, teachers, and companions since she checked out her first library book at the age of 5. Now Erica's children are adults, she has a career she loves, and her book recommendations come from a community of readers who she respects, enjoys and calls friends.


Ann is a working mother of two little boys. Ann grew up in New Hampshire, but currently lives in Cincinnati. When she's not busy at the office or playing with her kids, Ann is reading, listening to books, or running on the treadmill while binge watching movies and TV shows.


Theresa's love affair with books developed in her 20’s when she joined a book club with her local sorority alumnae chapter in the early 2000’s.  Work took her from the desert to the Midwest and back.